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Our software is cloud-based making it accessible anytime (real-time) from anywhere. It is robust yet flexible in its capacity to meet every business need.


Boost every aspect of your hospitality business with our cloud-based solutions


Front Office

Imagine having a front desk that tracks and organizes tasks, handles single group reservations, checking in and out, and everything else for you. Horeca Cloud front office software enables your team to work effectively. its features include seamless reservations, Guest Check-ins, room management, amenities master, pricing management, and package information. The platform focuses on improving guest experience and increasing revenue for your business.

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Food and Beverages

F&B is a major source of revenue for most hospitality businesses and can even run as a standalone small business for profits. Horeca Cloud F & B module provides you with POS services, billing, and room service, we also provide and create menus and table numbers for your restaurant and bar, book halls for events, and reserve tables and the F&B module is synched to the front office to allow postings from the restaurant. These services help you run your business effectively.

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Back-Office Management

This module of our hospitality software facilitates the back-office and administrative operations of your business. This includes inventory analysis, staff management (human resources, staff activity login, shift management, etc.), reviews management, owner report, and other administrative operations. The back office connects all departments, helping most standard functions get completed quickly while minimizing the time staff spends on routine functions.

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Through our in-depth analysis, we help business owners understand their revenue channels, which ones make the most money, and which ones to double down. Horeca also takes it a step further by helping hospitality businesses give their guests personalized experiences which have been shown to improve the percentage of returning customers to the business. With our booking engine, you can eliminate all third parties charges which increase your revenue.

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Horeca Cloud helps with the smooth running of work orders, maintenance orders can be entered or requested by various staff of your organization, maintenance reminders can be set, and maintenance tickets issued. Incomplete jobs can be prioritized, and completed jobs can be analyzed for cost, Inventories of equipment and parts can be maintained. The engineering module can be used to issue maintenance tickets, track complaints, and develop a preventive maintenance schedule.

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Real story from real customers

"We have been using Horeca Cloud for over 4 months and I am very happy with the product, its various features are very easy to use and I have found the front desk feature most helpful."

George Residence

"The software makes the workflow much easier and allows us to free up staff to attend to guest needs, the system can be accessed remotely and is very straightforward."

House 46

"I've been through 2 PMS software in the past, none of them seemed to fulfill my needs. I finally found what I needed in Horeca Cloud. This software is very easy to use and it makes managing my hotel easier. The customer support is the best I've worked with, very professional and fast in helping you."

Askamaya Hotel

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